Nostalgia Alert – t.A.T.u Are Arranging A Comeback One Year From Now

Nostalgia Alert - t.A.T.u Are Arranging A Comeback One Year From Now

Julia and Lena are getting back to the stage as a pair

In a real noughties legacy, t.A.T.u are set to rejoin one year from now, 19 years after they arrived at number one in the UK.

One portion of the Russian team Lena Katina affirmed that she and Julia Volkova will be backpedaling on stage the following spring, in light of a with regards to fan ‘t.A.T.u’s rebound’ on Instagram.

Lena, 37, captioned:

‘The authority TATU accolade in the spring of 2022!. Kindly remark and name the craftsmen/DJ you might want to hear with us on the stage. Your viewpoint is imperative to us! ‘

The All The Things She Said stars split up in 2011, and have had a continuous fight for quite a long time, with both Lena and Julia taking swipes at one another by means of meetings.

In any case, it appears to be that the vocalists are putting their ill will behind them.

t.A.T.u shot to notoriety in 2003 with their single All The Things She Said, which arrived at number one in the UK and Ireland and number 20 in the States.

The melody was joined by a famous video, wherein the then-17-year-olds kissed in the downpour while wearing student outfits.

The video caused significant discussion and was prohibited from CD:UK, with Richard Madeley and Judy Finnigan requiring the single to be restricted and blaming it for ‘advancing pedophilia’.

At that point, Madeley said:

‘We are being informed that these young ladies really have underage lesbian sex, all things considered, and we are being told by their director that he detected a hole on the lookout – a pedophile hole on the lookout.

‘That is wiped out and it’s off-base and by and by I figure Polydor ought not be selling the record in this country. I think they are supporting a clear open pedophile message and that is horrible. I figure they should boycott it, I figure radio broadcasts should willingly volunteer to boycott it. This is going excessively far. I figure individuals should blacklist the melody and 90% of our watchers have said they will.’

Finnigan added:

‘It’s not simply the melody, it’s not the young ladies, it’s the manner in which their supervisor has conceded that he’s particularly promoted them and prepped them to be what he calls underage diversion – which fundamentally implies paedophilic amusement.’

The young ladies’ debut was incredibly questionable

Lena affirmed the reunion

Lena and Julia claimed to be in a lesbian relationship all through their career yet later conceded that the shtick was prepared by producer and director Ivan Shapovalov.

Following the accomplishment of All The Things She Said, they accomplished top 10 hits with Not Gonna Get Us and All About Us, and completed third in the 2003 Eurovision Song Contest in the wake of addressing Russia with the melody Ne ver’, ne boysia, or ‘Don’t accept, don’t fear’.

Throughout the long term, t.A.T.u have rejoined for extraordinary events, including performing at the initial service of the 2014 Winter Olympics.

In any case, in spite of ascending to notoriety by professing to be in an equivalent sex couple, Julia, 36, sought discussion over homophobic remarks about gay men in 2014.

When asked on a TV show on the off chance that she would censure her child Samir on the off chance that she came out, Julia – who is sexually open – said:

‘Indeed, I would denounce him since I accept that a genuine man should be a genuine man… a man has no privilege to be a f*g.’

Julia has drawn in contention throughout the long term

She added:

‘Two young ladies together—not exactly the same thing as two men together. It appears to me that lesbians look stylishly a lot more pleasant.

‘I need to say that I’m not against gays, I simply need my child to be a genuine man, not a f*g. I accept that being gay is all actually better compared to killers, cheats or medication addicts. On the off chance that you pick out of such a lot of, being gay is superior to the rest.’

Lena openly contradicted Julia’s perspectives, composing on Facebook:

‘I’m seeing a few remarks recently with respect to my situation about LGBT and my religion. I can say a certain something: God is instructing us to live enamored, to be lenient and not to pass judgment on others! Furthermore, I do as such! Love will be love and it is an awesome inclination! I figure everyone ought to be allowed to adore who they cherish and be with who they need to go through their time on earth with!’

Both Lena and Julia have kept performing solo outside of t.A.T.u, and routinely show up on Russian TV.

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