Top 3 Recording Software

In this modern age, the use of computer to create sweat sound recording has indeed helped the music industry. The question is do you want to record audio with the help of  your computer? By  having a good microphone and headphones, selecting the favorable software is  very crucial. So Many audio recording procedures not only allow you to seize audio, but also have many built-in tools for processing and refining the result.

No matter what goal you want to record audio for, selecting the right voice recording software for your microphone is crucial. In this article, we’ll be looking at the nicest professional  audio capture applications.

  • Pro Tools 11

Pro tools  11  is the most professional program available. The enormous plurality of studios around the world use ProTools. It is costly (the price begins from $800) and it only works  on Macs and  on proprietary sound cards like Digidesign and Mbox. Fortunately, starting with version 9, the developers “taught” it to comprehend all other hardware and wrote a version for Windows. We’d approve LogicPro or Cubase for writing arrangements, but nothing works better than ProTools for recording live instruments and vocals as well as mixing and mastering. The program is almost unrealistic to download from torrents, hard to install without a special key-flash drive (iLock). However, if you try very hard and get into the problem, everything will work.


User-friendly interface, it does not take months to get used to, and many things in it that make your using rapidly and effortlessly.


A set of “onboard” treatments is certainly not bad, but still, to bring the material together in accordance with modern standards of the sound industry, you need a lot more than that. And so the sound engineer will need

specific experience of working in severely constrained circumstances to make something worthwhile.

The price is about $200.

  • Logic Pro

This  sequencer is easy, straightforward, and very helpful for making  music and writing arrangements. Many producers use it in conjunction with ProTools: Logic for arrangements, Tools for recording vocals and mixing. LogicPro is relatively inexpensive (around $200), but runs exclusively on the Mac. The program doesn’t concentrate on any particular style of music, and it’s easy to add plugins and virtual instruments. Although it also has its own libraries. In Russia you can download it for free from torrents.


Full project compatibility with GarageBand;

stylish design and user-friendly interface.


only available on macOS;

high cost.

  • SteinBerg Cubase

The Cube is acceptable both for beginners and professionals, and is a really universal program. It is equally simple to write and mix. Like most of the programs in this article, Cubase has not been customized for certain musical styles and will be helpful for writing both techno and punk rock. The manufacturer asks about $700 for the last version. The fifth version of the program is the most prominent, you can easily find it anywhere


extensive functionality, including professional editing tools;



confusing interface;

the long lack of innovation in the application.

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